About this site

On this website we share learning and resources collected in the course of delivering the European Effective Practice Model and Impact Measurement Tool for sport inspired social inclusion programmes (EPMIMT).

The programme aim was to develop a consistent and measurable model for delivery of sport inspired social inclusion programmes across Europe.

Partners in the project included:

The Football League Trust (England and Wales)
Partner Organisations
Bundesliga-Stiftung (Germany)
The Football Association of Ireland (Republic of Ireland)
Stichting Meer dan Voetbal (Netherlands)
Fundación del Fútbol Profesional (Spain)
Viesoji istaiga “Gargzdu futbolas” (Lithuania)
The Scottish Professional Football League Trust (Scotland)

The role that sport can play in improving the lives of individuals and communities, and children and young people in particular, is widely recognised. Indeed, the European Commission’s White Paper on Sport (2007) highlighted the societal role of sport in a range of areas, including:

When drawing on these findings in “Developing the European Dimension in Sport” , the Commission identified ‘social inclusion in and through sport’ as a key priority which can contribute towards the overarching goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy by improving employability and mobility via projects that promote the social integration of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups through sport and the related exchange of good practice.

The monitoring and evaluation activities previously carried out by the respective consortium partners indicate that existing programmes have a positive impact on a range of social problems. However, the organisations were operating in isolation, with virtually no international cooperation or sharing of best practice to identify the programmes/activities that have the most impact. Furthermore, there was no mechanism for organisations delivering sport-based social inclusion activities to measure, or place a value, on these activities.

The goal of this project was to address that need.