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On this website we share learning and resources collected in the course of delivering the European Effective Practice Model and Impact Measurement Tool for sport inspired social inclusion programmes (EPMIMT).

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What we learned!

We have gathered together a selection of resources to help those organisations across Europe that wish to use football and sport to have a positive social impact.

The first of these is the European Football for Development Network Street League Erasmus Programme Guide which presents a step by step guide to delivery of an effective sport for development programme.

This is followed by a series of Case Studies based on the delivery of this programme in Scotland, the Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain and an assessment of their impact.

In the following section we share a range of evaluation and best practice reports drawn from other programmes and finally a selection of websites providing further guidance.

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See how well your programme matches up!

As well as generating guidance on effective practice, as part of the EPMIMT programme, we have developed an impact measurement and forecasting tool that enables you to benchmark your proposed or actual programme delivery against this guidance.

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